Chicken Coop guide – why and how to build your chicken coop

Lets start with “Why “, Building your own chicken coop has quite a few advantages, to list a few:

  • You will have your own fresh source of healthy, organic eggs and meat.
  • Its very affordable, you don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of $$$ on pre-build coops.
  • One of the best way to recycle your daily food scraps.
  • Droppings and organic bedding material can be used as very good manure in your backyard for organic farming.
  • Most of the pre-built chicken coops have to be assembled anyways so it does not make sense to pay the inflated price of their material.
  • It is a fun activity and good learning experience to be performed with your spouse or kids. Be careful though and take all precautions before letting them go wild with sharp equipment.

Now that you understand that building a chicken coop has quite a few ups and that is why you were here searching for one anyways, the downside is that building a chicken coop is not as easy as hammering some wood and wire mesh together. You need to take into account various factors like lighting, ventilation, temperature, materials used, waste management, insulation, perches, security and protection from bugs and animals, etc

If you need help with all this, here is a good guide, you can check it out, they are giving some bonuses as well:


Best Chicken Coop Manual

What is chicken Coop?

As you can’t keep you chicken in your lawn, they will destroy it or at any part of your home. You have to build a proper house for them so that they can live in that particular area and other part of your home look beautiful.

“Chicken coop is a place to keep your chicken in short a “chicken house” where your chickens can live happily. It can be big or small depending on the number of chickens.”

Types of chicken coops:

1. Depending on the place:

    Stand-alone chicken coop or hen house: If you have enough enclosed area of land where your chickens can live free, then a stand-alone coop is a best choice.

  • Chicken coop with built in run: If you are concerned about your chickens wandering off, or getting troubled by predators, and are short on space, you should prefer a coop with a built in run.
  • Chicken tractor (a coop on wheels): If you don’t have any fix place to keep your chicken coop or you don’t want to spoil your gorgeous lawn then you can choose a chicken tractor which will allow you to move your coop.

2.  According to the size:

Trictle’s Chicken Coop


Funky Chicken Coop



  • Medium Coop: These coops are used to keep more than 10 chickens. It is beneficial for small home based business. Few Examples:

Horse Trailer to Chicken Coop


Super Duper Nifty Keen Coop


Large Chicken Coop: These coops are used to run a big chicken farm. Few Examples:

Chicken Coop Building


Big Coop


Solar Powered Chicken Coop


After knowing all this I was ready to keep chickens. The only thing I needed was a well-designed chicken coop. So I asked such questions to myself before start building:

1. How many chickens I want to keep?

2. At which place I want to build coop?

3. In which environment I want to keep chickens and what is environment of my area?

4. What is my Budget?

5. How much time I can give to build my chicken coop?

6. What predators live in your area?

After asking these questions I came to know that I want to keep 5- 10 chickens in the starting which means a small chicken coop is fine. As I want to keep these in my lawn at one fix place then Stand Alone chicken coop is a best option. I live in an area where we don’t face the problem of too much cold and heat as well.

So I need not to take tension of weather. Now the question arises how I can give a safe environment to my chickens. As predators like dogs, bugs etc. can harm my chickens. So, I’ll build or purchase a wired chicken coop. And my budget was not too much and can give not too much time. Finally I decided to build or purchase a small chicken coop. I visited several shops of chicken coop but I did not find any coop according to my needs and liking. Then I decided to build it.

In the starting I build it by just an idea in my mind but I failed then I realized I need a clear guide. I searched on the internet and download it for free as free guides are available on various sites. Initially I made my coop by using a free guide but trust me free guide is not that much helpful as paid guide. I face many problems with that free guide. I did everything by my own but when purchased my guide it helped me a lot.

After purchasing I took more care of my chickens without any problem of feeding them, cleaning the coop, keeping them in a happy environment with protection from various animals like dog. You will not believe after this production of eggs was more and I expand my small chicken coop to a chicken farm.

Now I am earning good from this business and having a healthy diet. I would suggest you to purchase a guide so that you can keep chickens easily. To purchase a guide you have to invest some money in the starting but believe me it is worth to invest.

Benefits of buying a chicken coop guide:

  • If you are a beginner you can build an attractive chicken coop. You just need simple tools which you can easily get at your home.
  • It includes step-by-step plans with clear images and dimensions that even a child could follow.
Building a chicken coop ebook
  • It saves your money as you need not to purchase coop.
  • Helps you to buy the correct breed of chickens according to the climate, space and requirement.
  • Helps you to take care of baby chickens.
  • Helps you to design the coop according to the environment so that the can lay eggs properly.
  • Helps you to protect your chickens from predators like foxes, cats, hawks etc.
  • You can easily clean it and can get eggs without going inside the coop.
  • It helps you to select the material of the coop so that you can build it quickly and easily.
  • You can easily build a chicken tractor that helps you in cleaning and providing fertilizer.
  • Helps you to feed them properly according to their requirement.
  • Teach you about what to do when chicken get sick and the 2 most common health problems and how to cure them.

I will always advise you to purchase a good guide which can help you. You can get to know about the guide by reading the reviews of the people on the site and by reading their given information either it is helpful or not.

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