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Building A Chicken Coop:

- No special tools required

- Save money by building your own chicken coop

- Print off as many plans as required

- Easy To Build Plans

Top Rated Free Chicken Coop Plans

Searching for a chicken coop plan??? You have landed on the right page my friend. I have got lots of chicken coop plans in a single guide that will suit your requirements.  You just have made a brilliant decision of making your own chicken coop.  When you'll click on the link below, you'll get:

  • Step By Step Instructions Manual
  • Complete Material List
  • Organic Gardening eBook

Introducing "Building A Chicken Coop"...


Features of this Product:

  • No specialized tools are required.
  • All plans are simple and easy to follow with clear, detailed diagrams.
  • how-to-build-a-chicken-coop-ebook
    You are permitted to print as many copies as you need.
  • Saves 50 percent compared to hiring a specialist.
  • Caters for a wide variety of chicken structures including portable, mid-sized and premium built coops.
  • Provides information on how to pick the right breed of chicken for your particular needs.
  • Information on taking care of your chickens.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • 60 days guarantee with full money refund

Choose one of the chicken coop plans and get set go. Here, I have highlighted the TOP RATED and my favorites with short description.

Dog House Chicken Coop Plan

It is the most common plan and short cut to make a portable chicken coop quickly and easily. You just need to buy a low-priced dog house, little bit transformation, set a run and your chicken house is ready. When you’ll search for a dog house, you may find it in particular designs and style of wooden material, but you can change them a bit and make it suitable for chickens. 

Thinking about building this one??? Claim your instruction book with material list now....​

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Tinker Toy Chicken Coop Plan

In case you are finding a very simple plan, this plan is meant for you. The materials include, white plastic tubing fitted with already made joints and PVC pipe. It is portable and 2 models roll on and tilt up on 2 wheels. You can easily find more advanced version and a finer version i.e. compact but a bit trickier.

A-Frame Coop Plan

It is simple and compact in size, wooden, kind of a small ski chalet for chickens. Follow this link to get step by step instruction guide, materials list and design plan with images. It is the combination of simplicity and sturdiness that is the best choice for an urban, small backyard house.

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The Chicken Shack Plan

You’ll need to buy a pastoral model that needs some sort of construction, and need bit carpentry skills. It will give down home, rural look after completion since the design is very simple. A major drawback is that it is not portable. You will have to think about first, where to place it at your backyard. The materials are very basic.

Red Henhouse Plan

It is medium sized chicken house that is best suited for suburban backyard. It is attractive coop with a Midwestern Farmhouse design. It will house 3 to 5 chickens, having a beautiful run and with a few porch lights.

Guest-House Plan

It has a big house like structure and can house up to 8 hens easily. It’s like a side house for your lovely chicken in your backyard and will definitely need large amount of materials for the construction. Take this step by step guide and start building it.

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BeerCan Outhouse Chicken House Plan

I know its name sound like a redneck nightmare, but it is a high concept chicken house with beautiful structure that will definitely become the buzz in your neighborhood. There are lots of designs that will give a smooth look. It looks rustic and makes you remember John Wayne movie. Its model is straightforward and gives an artistic classy look.

Mobile Chicken Coop Plan

It gives a playhouse appearance and is the most intricate chicken coops. It has a storage shed, so it would not irritate interfering neighbors. It can be your perfect choice as Urban Chicken House if you are looking for the more advanced designs. One the best thing about this chicken house is that-it has wheels. Here, you’ll get a step by step instruction guide and blue print of this plan.

Loopy Coop Plan

This name is derived from the children’s book i.e. ‘The Loopy Coop Hens’. It can house up to 12 chickens with a large run. It will definitely need huge space in your backyard. If you do not have enough space and still thinking about building this house, you‘ll need to purchase a small farm then. Follow this link to get a step by step procedure and requirements for building this chicken house.

Chicken Tractor Plan

If you are living in the rainy area, you will need a chicken tracker coop so that your chickens can be kept in a secure and clean environment. In this case, non-portable chicken coops will not work. You can easily build a tracker coop by spending only 80 dollars. The best thing about this chicken house is that the run can be separated from the coop with turnbuckles. 

About Chicken Coop Guide

This guide promises to help you to build a chicken coop within a few days. The downloadable ebook comes with several bonus guides that tell you which materials are the lowest priced and most basically available and which are most suitable for your surroundings.

As the instructions are downloadable they are available to somebody around the globe and you don’t need to wait for delivery. The product is available for a one-off fee and comes with a 60-day, 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Here are some bonuses that you will also get with this product. These are:

  • Get the list of inexpensive materials 
  • Learn about how to create a good quality coop with cheap materials
  • Learn about how to use a chipboard in a way that it does not rot away. 
  • Get the list of the best materials for the ground 
  • Learn about the different floor structures to control the ventilation, climate and appearance
  • Get complete solutions for fixing floor problems
  • Learn to build nest boxes with easily available material like food packaging
  • Find out how to build nest boxes with unused furniture
  • Find out my favorite way of building nest boxes with inexpensive material
  • Learn about how to give the best place to your chicken coop to prevent rotting and dampness
  • Find out how to provide proper ventilation to prevent co2 and ammonia build up
  • Find out the place to place your coop for proper sun light and heat

Get An Exclusive Bonus Package...

My Final Verdict

Building a Chicken Coop guide is indeed the most comprehensive solution that you need for this business. Establish the best chicken house that promote growth that drives income to your poultry business. I hope that you find this Building A Chicken Coop Review useful and helpful and in case you have any questions about this Building A Chicken Coop Review, leave your questions below this review and I will try to help you.​

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